Nieuwjaar in Spanje. Happy newyear!

Celebrating New Year’s in Spain

In the Netherlands we eat oliebollen and apple turnovers and drink champagne at the turn of the year , but how do they celebrate New Year’s in Spain? The Spaniards have a different tradition with old & new called ‘ Las uvas de la suerte ‘ (grapes for good luck). One grape is eaten every time the clock strikes midnight. This should bring good luck and prosperity for the new year. From my own experience I can say that it is still quite a task to put 12 grapes in the mouth in a short time. But it is certainly a beautiful ritual!

The eating of the grapes started in 1909 when a consignment of fresh grapes arrived from Alicante in the middle of winter. To celebrate the good harvest , a grape was eaten at every stroke of the clock. The twelve grapes are said to have to do with the twelve bells before midnight, and with the twelve months of the following year, with each grape bringing a month of good luck. Are you celebrating New Year’s Eve in Spain this year?

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