Typisch Marokkaans eten! Lust jij een dadel?

Have you ever had a date? The desert dwellers have known it for a long time; dates are the key to survival. Dates are super healthy. They are full of fiber and rich in vitamin C, minerals and antioxidants. In addition, they provide extra oxygen in your blood (a lot of iron), they contain no cholesterol and they give you energy .

You can buy dates at Arab shops and most supermarkets. Before you choose, we recommend that you taste them! There are many different varieties, usually with Tunisia, Morocco or Israel origins, but not all are equally fresh, creamy , soft and tasty. It is often the somewhat larger (and more expensive) dates that provide a real taste explosion in the mouth. Even the effect of chocolate is negligible.

Tip : Swap the biscuit with the coffee or tea for a large date. The fruit is full of energy for a good conversation.

Do you live in Amsterdam? Then visit Raïneraï on Prinsengracht 252. Here you will not only find delicious dates, but many more delicacies from the nomadic cuisine of Algeria.


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