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From the name of Barrio Life, one can assume what we, as a company are about. The word ‘’barrio’’ means in Spanish neighbourhood, thus, local life.

Our roots
Barrio Life was born from passion, inspiration, and creativity. 10 years ago when the company was established, local contact was unique and not many were offering it. We focus on the contact between the tourist and the host community because it brings various benefits for both sides. Tourists learn all about the culture of the people and place they are visiting and the local community preserves its heritage and is able to further develop.

We offer trips to Andalucia, Portugal, and Marocco. These three places have their similarities, Andalucia and Marocco with their Moorish background, but also many differences.

What does local life in Andalusia encompass?

If you choose to travel to Andalucia, we will show you the local life through Andalusian horse shows, a paella cooking workshop taught by a local, a unique tour of the famous Alhambra Palace, or a bike tour of Las Gargantas de Guadix.

If you travel to Andalucia and wish to truly experience the local life, we recommend staying in a typical Spanish accommodation. If you’d like a luxury stay, the Paradors in Andalucia are a spectacular option. Paradors are luxury hotels with historic importance, such as monasteries, castles, fortresses, and palaces.

If you go to Andalusia and want to feel the true Spanish spirit? We propose many activities such as tapas tours, Andalusian horse shows, jeep tours through incredible regions, boat tours offering spectacular views and so much more.

What can you expect from local experiences in Portugal?

On the Iberian Peninsula, another unique country stretches between Spain and the Atlantic Ocean: sunny Portugal. One of the oldest nations in Europe, named after its second-largest city, Porto, Portugal offers something for everyone. Experienced guides will show you castles in Tomar, Sintra, Obidos, and many other parts. Do you want an active holiday? Portugal is the place for it, offering the possibility to kayak, surf, go on a boat tour, and watch the dolphins, canyoning. If you wish to admire the scenery, we recommend a jeep tour through Costa Vicentina, a romantic night on a boat on Alqueva lake, under the starry sky, or one of our historic walks.

Are you going to travel to Portugal with your children? We have something for everyone: from water sports such as canyoning, kayaking, and rafting to rock climbing and abseiling.

What image does the local life in Marocco have?

Looking for an exotic holiday? Marocco, the land of fairy tales, gives you the option of meeting nomads, discovering a different culture, riding a camel, tasting the local flavours and discovering oasis.

Are you planning on going to Marocco with your partner? We give you the best offers such as dessert glamping and inn stays in terms of accommodation, and, so you feel the exotic taste, activities such as Moroccan tea tasting and food tours.


Choose what you really want

Nowadays, everyone is used to standard trips, packages and activities. Barrio Life offers the possibility to choose.

Our company cares about the experience you have during your trip which is why you can select everything: airport, time, date, airline and number of kilos for the luggage.

Further, we are available to you during the trip, ready to answer any questions or needs.

Co-create your tailor-made trip with us

Our team is professional and due to our knowledge and experience, we are able to provide you with the best deals! We give you the best prices, but also the best service and quality.

Would you like a 9 or 13 days trip in various cities? We provide you with the best advice such as how many nights you should spend in a city, what food tour you can opt for, where are the most secluded parts of the area and so much more.

Also, we are not afraid of a challenge and organize trips for a big family or a group and come up with suitable activities for everyone.

When it comes to transportation, we have your back. We seek the best options, from private cars to combinations of rental and train based on your trip.

And since the accommodation is going to be your home during your trip, our team searches for the best, according to your criteria. We look at every aspect from location, to size, services and facilities to image and reviews. Details are vital and is what makes the trip a great memory.

The best of Andalucia

Andalucia is a region of contrast: filled with Spanish traditions, but having a strong scent of Moorish influences which is why accommodations here are diverse, created for everyone’s taste. You can stay at a rural house, in a secluded area, perfect for a romantic trip with your partner. You can opt for a small hotel where your family can spend quality time together or you can choose a luxurious hotel where you can sunbathe by the pool.